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What is TMJ?

Our temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge joint that connects our lower jaw to the skull and allows us to open and close the mouth. This joint can become inflamed because of numerous medical reasons and cause chronic facial pain, limited mobility, and fatigue.

TMJ St. Johns, MI

“TMJ is a whole series of jaw problems. It could be a wide range of problems with the jaw area up to the ear. ”
Amy Gentner DDS

TMJ Symptoms

Treating Teeth Grinding

TMJ St. Johns, MI
Benefits of a Bite Guard

There is not one right solution for every case of TMJ disorder. Dr. Gentner’s expertise and extreme attention to detail make her an ideal TMJ dentist to diagnose the cause of your TMJ disorder and treat your jaw pain safely and efficiently. You may need to wear a bite guard to protect your teeth and jaw from the unnatural forces of teeth grinding, or you could benefit from an occlusal adjustment. With an occlusal adjustment, Dr. Gentner adjusts your bite by ever-so-slightly reshaping the biting and incisal surfaces of your teeth so they no longer put undue stress on each other when biting, chewing, or grinding. This small adjustment can make all of the difference and end your jaw pain for good.

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It is not known exactly what causes TMJ disorder, but we do know that some contributing factors include the following:

  • Trauma to the Head or Neck
  • Teeth Grinding or Bruxism
  • Clenching Your Teeth
  • Arthritis

Patient Testimonials

TMJ St. Johns, MI
Reana's Experience With TMJ
TMJ St. Johns, MI
Colleen's Experience With TMJ

Dr. Amy Gentner has a passion for helping people to be pain free and have healthy smiles for life. If you are experiencing jaw pain call Dr. Gentner today to schedule your consultation.

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