Laser Gum Therapy St. Johns, MI

Laser Dentistry Offers Less-Invasive Procedures

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Stop Avoiding the Dentist

Many people avoid getting the dental treatment they so desperately need because they want to avoid the dentist’s office. Many have had negative past experiences and feel anxiety or fear thinking about an upcoming appointment. If you fear visiting the dentist, you are not alone. However, Dr. Gentner offers gentle, minimally invasive laser dentistry that can help reshape your dental experience. Modern laser technology allows our team to provide precise, safe treatments with minimal discomfort.

Laser Gum Therapy St. Johns, MI

“We are able to use a dental laser to help with pain reduction and to make surgeries less invasive.”
Amy Gentner DDS


Laser Gum Therapy St. Johns, MI

Dr. Gentner uses the revolutionary EPIC™ soft tissue laser to perform treatment for periodontal (gum) disease by eliminating disease causing bacteria and treating healthy tissue. We can also use the laser for gingival troughing for crown and bridge impressions, gingivectomies, gingival contouring for correcting “gummy” smiles, removal of traumatic oral growths, to fix tongue ties, relieve the pain of cold sores, treating soft tissue lesions, and to reduce periodontal bacteria during hygiene visits, with less trauma to you. The laser uses light energy and water instead of friction like traditional drills. No friction means no heat. No heat means no pain, which means less powerful anesthetic is needed to ensure you have a comfortable treatment experience.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Less Pain

    There’s no friction from a dental drill to produce painful heat.

  • Less Anesthetic

    There is no need to wait for numbing or to be numb for hours because of a powerful anesthetic.

  • Less Trauma

    With the use of laser dentistry you can repair hard and soft tissue, causing a shorter recovery time.

  • More Accuracy

    Without the vibration, the laser can precisely remove tissue without affecting the surrounding teeth and gums.

With Laser Dentistry You Can Skip The Drill, Skip The Drama. Call Today!

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