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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Can Be Affordable

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We Keep Your Dentist Costs Affordable

Dr. Amy Gentner wants to ensure that dental care stays affordable in St. Johns, MI. She does this in part by working with Blue Cross and Delta insurance plans and accepting CareCredit, a dentist payment plan. She also keeps dentist costs low by offering a number of advanced services to limit the need for specialist referrals and by using advanced diagnostic technology so your oral health problems can be treated before they advance into more costly stages.

Different Methods of Payment We Accept

Healthy Teeth Are The Most Affordable Teeth

The best way to keep your overall dentist cost low is by properly maintaining the health of your teeth with excellent home care and regular cleanings and examinations at Dr. Gentner’s office. With advanced diagnostic technology and excellent treatment options, Dr. Gentner can help you keep your teeth healthy and avoid pricier restorative treatments. It is much easier, cheaper, and better for you to fill cavities than to ignore them and eventually need a crown, a root canal, or even a dental implant. We are here to help, and early treatment can save you time, money, and pain in the long run.

We Accept Insurance and a Provide a Dentist Payment Plan to Help You Restore Your Oral Health. Call For An Appointment Today!

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